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Successfully Defending Our Clients in the Court of Law.

Acquire Estate Agents is not only a successful Estate Agents achieving record prices for our Clients but our mission is to also protect the Clients assets and advise our Clients on how to Rent and Manage their properties in the UK.

We advise Lawyers, Bankers and HNWI on all legal aspects of Property Rentals and Property Management and also represent them should a Claim be taken out by 'Opportunist' Tenants, unscrupulous Building Management Agent (unregulated estate agents) or No Win No Fee Lawyers.

Such recent Claims (August 2023), from 'NO WIN NO FEE' Lawyers, claiming non compliance under section 214 HA 2004, have been swiftly dealt with by our Team and a recent Win for Acquire Estate Agents against Represent Law, who tried unsuccessfully to sue our Client for Non Compliance was dealt with a robust defence at the ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE in London, forcing Represent Law to lose their Modus Operandi, and was not able to claim their Legal Fees.They dropped their Claim as their Claim was in our opinion Legally unenforceable. They thought Acquire Estate Agents would just give up, but little did they know that we are at the forefront of the Law and know our Rights more than most Lawyers in this space.

Another example of our strong understanding and execution of the Law, oversaw a recent defence from Claims, from unregulated Building Management Companies (an unscrupulous estate agent in Kensington, posing as a Building Management Company), trying to claim payments by false accounting, fantom invoices, in essence misappropriating funds from the Leaseholders accounts (including our Clients Account). Acquire Estate Agents defended a legal Claim by Brady's Solicitors on behalf of our Client, saving our Clients over £15,000 in a Claim that in our Opinion has no legal merit and was legally unenforceable. Acquire Estate Agents outmanoeuvred Brady's Solicitors in their Claim against our Client. Their Claim is now 'Stayed' and Acquire Estate Agents will continue to look at options to protect and possibly reclaim back dated payments from the Freeholder and their unregulated Building Management Company for what we consider as Fraud.

We know the law and if our Client's interest is compromised, we work tirelessly to bring about justice to all our Clients. Not only do we achieve the best results for our Client but they are safe in the knowledge our experience and Legal training is second to none.

We outperformed specialised property law firms to protect our Clients interest.

These are some of the recent Claims against our Client that Acquire Estate Agents with their experience and knowledge of the Law, have successfully defended our Clients against Opportunist No Win No Fee Lawyers and Unregulated Building Management Companies.

All advice and representation is Free for all our Managed Property Clients. For more information or an inform chat, please email Doug or Aaron at

Messrs Aaron Nguyen Lu at the Royal Court of Justice, 30th August 2023 against a Claim brought about by 'Represent Law'.

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