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General Maintenance

If you are a Tenant and you have a maintenance issue that is not an emergency, please use the form on the right to submit any maintenance related issues to Acquire Estate Agents. Please click on this link to complete the forms.

Issues that are not emergencies are leaking taps etc..

Work Flow Acquire Estate Agents


If you are a Tenant and you have an emergency, please check the list below and action accordingly:

No Power Supply

Gas Leak

Carbon Monoxide Alert


No Water Supply

Plumbing Leaks

Blocked Sink/Toilet/Bathroom


Broken Windows

No power supply - Please check: The Fuse Board, Neighbouring properties, your supplier

Gas Leak - Please call National Grid - Emergency Number 0800 1110999

Carbon Monoxide Alart - Turn off All appliances, open windows and leave premises

Fire - Please call Fire Department - Emergency number 999

No Water Supply - Check supplier first to establish if there's any known issues

Plumbing leaks - If the water cannot be contained - Turn off water supply, alert neighbour, take care of electrical fittings

Blocked sink/toilet/bathroom  - it's only an emergency if there's only one in the premises. However this may be the Tenants liability.

Locks/Doors - This may be the Tenants responsibility

Broken Windows - This may be the Tenants responsibility

For emergencies - Please call 07462878136
(you may be charged for the call-out, make sure it's an emergency and that the cause was not caused by the Tenant, please also complete the form above)

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