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Local, Independent and Experienced

We are different, We are better

We are an Estate Agent, we specialise in Lettings and Property Management and we've built our own technology to specifically find the best Tenants.


Unlike most agents who may accept the first offer, we use 200 data points per application for any of our tenancies to find the perfect Tenants for all our properties. Our Tenants go through a scientific selection process to determine their suitability.

Finding the right Tenant is important to us. The right Tenants will generally stay longer, cause less problems and also respect our properties and respect our Tenancies much more. Our Landlords can achieve more, save more and make more, simply by having the right Tenants.

As an agent, we do not charge any admin fees for new or existing Tenancies, our fees are based on if the Tenants pay the rent. Other agents will charge regardless and their commission is based on the lenght of the lease and not whether the Tenant pays the rent. It is in their interest that tenants leave, they make more money on administration fees, inventory, cleaning etc.. therefore it's not in their interest that your Tenants stay long term.

We believe that the Tenants are the most important part of rentals and we provide the most advanced and fully assisted services to make all our Tenants feel loved and welcomed, from the ease of application to providing regular cleaning, to providing flexible terms.


Meet Aaron, Paul, Thao, Lottie

Like most successful businesses, it's the team and staff that makes it what it is. Our team is without exception. We started with 2, we are now 20.

We graduated from St Hilda College University Oxford with a 1st Class Degree in Economics and Management (Thao), we have a Masters Degree in Real Estate and Management from Salford University (Lottie), we are trained lawyers with a Masters Degree from LSE(Aaron), we are Estate Agent titans with a 2.1 Bachelor Degree (Paul).

We would be delighted for you to meet us for coffee or lunch (on us) and find out more about how we can make a real difference.

Oxford University
London School of Economics

Powerful Marketing

Our reputation exceeds our brand.

We are the Tenant 'Agent' and 'Landlord' of choice. Our properties demands averages 34 Tenant to every one property. Our marketing covers all aspects of Tenancies from short to medium to long term lets, from rooms to houses to hotels. Our coverage is extensive and our audience worldwide.

We are everywhere. Your average agent may just advertise on Rightmove/Zoopla/OTM. We also advertise on these portals, but we are also on airbnb/, and other social media portals like youtube/facebook/instagram. Our affordable but amazing range of rentals, attracts 1000s of enquires a week, more than any large, national or international agencies. These properties include our own residences at Granard Road, Broomwood Road, Bennerley Road, Shuttleworth Road etc...

Our social and free community events to help local charities at our Hotel also reaches out to the many who may or may not be looking to rent. No other agency, big or small, owns and manages a high end hotel as part of their inventory.

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Acquire Youtube Page Warriner Gardens
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Powerful Tenant Lead Technology

At Acquire Estate Agents, we are building and developing our own Technology, lead by our IT development team in Vietnam, called We are investing millions into building the ultimate platform for our Tenants. We use advance science and technologies to find, reference and place new Tenants within our Tenancies. It is a technology that we are constantly evolving and it is bespoke and specific to how we work. All our Landlords benefit from our platform and how we search and place our Tenants.

Acquire Listing
Acquire Listings
Acquire Property Listings

Property Management Specialist

We are a specialist Agency. We are experts in Property Management. We manage 1000s of properties over the years. Consulting and advising our clients on all aspects of property maintenance, pro-active management, full renovations, developments as well as keeping up to date with legal and legislative changes. More importantly, we look after all our Tenants. This is what makes us better and different. Managing our properties is as much about managing our Tenants. Good Tenants will save our Clients time and money. This is property management at its best.

Floor Plans
Acquire Estate Agents
acquire estate agents
William Hunt Mansions

Loyal Landlords

We have some of the most loyal landlords in London, like Doug Benzie, an investment banker/wealth manager, who has been our client for over 15 years. Doug is one of many who have supported us since 2005.

We work on the premise that we provide our clients the best in class service available, protecting their interests, creating value whilst keeping our costs low. Our Landlords over the years becomes our partners and friends and this is how we work. Our fees are purposely low for a reason, the reason is to build relationships, that is why we are very different.

Meet, Nick, Doug, Fiona, Paul... landlords who have been with us for over 15 years. Our best ambassadors and references are our landlords, find out why they love us and register on our youtube page of updates, entertaining and educational videos.

Acquire Estate Agents Office
Acquire Estate Agents Office
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