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About Acquire Estate Agents

It is often asked, why do we charge 9% for full management?

It's not an unusual question but it has been a question that has been asked for the last 16 year since we started. 16 years later, 1000s of properties let and managed, 100s of loyal Clients and the answer to us is still the same, we want to develop long term relationships. By providing an amazing service at a competitive and reasonable fee, it allows us to retain and maintain our relationships with our clients and landlords and help them through their property journey.

It all started 20 years ago when friends Aaron and Paul started working for Foxtons in the Battersea Lavender Hill office.

In the early 2000s, estate agency was a bit like the Wide West. Rightmove was in its infancy and Zoopla was just an idea. And scribbling on pieces of paper was normal. In fact when Paul and Aaron started, Foxtons didn't even have computers. It was based on sheer energy and enthusiasm, a few pieces of paper, a phone and a branded Foxtons mini. This thus began a 20 year property journey.

20 years of ups and downs

Working at Foxtons Lavender Hill office in the early 2000s was an exciting and challenging time for Paul and Aaron. During which, the normal was not normal, working 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday weeks, little to no holidays, cold calling and competing against 20 others in the same office, all on a basic salary of £10kpa. Although it was hard work, we learnt a lot and enjoyed the experience and market exposure. Foxtons was a great training ground to start our own agency and to go on to do much better things. We still have fond memories of our time there.

In 2005, Acquire was born out of a desire to do better, to be different, to be amazing.

We had lots of energy, enthusiasm but had to innovate to stay ahead of the game. Aaron learnt how to write HTML and started to understand SEO. At the time, not many agents even had a website, and most agents were still advertising in the 'Loot'. Paul networked hard amongst his friends and family and built up a strong reputation. Acquire started to build traction.

The first 3 years was challenging, but our drive and desire was strong, we lived off bread and tap water, working from 8am and often staying until 9pm, Monday through to Saturday, without a holiday or break for the good part of 3 years. We lived with our parents and cycled to work. Our car was our feet during the first year, we walked everywhere (we were much fitter in those days). Our first car was given to Paul by his Uncle, a 10 year old Rover in our 2nd year (not a Range Rover) but MG Rover, they went bust in 2005. It sometimes worked but we were delighted.

Fast forward to 2021

From 2 friends to 20, from bread and water to bread and a piece of ham and cheese. We've learnt a lot.

Our deep hands-on experiences and life affirming property journey has taught us how to rent and manage our properties. What to avoid and what to embrace. We are constantly learning and growing as a company. As the world changes sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, we are adapting to the ever complex world of rentals and property management. The Economic Crisis of 2008, Brexit and Covid are just a few minor bumps on this journey, but the more challenging life changing shifts in the industry is the changes in laws and tax that affects all our clients and how we rent and manage our properties. It affects how Estate Agencies work and how Landlords must also adapt and change to succeed.

We are ready and will have the deep routed experience and know-how to adapt and be ahead of the game to protect and serve our Clients to navigate the minefield of renting and managing their property. 

We are super friendly and approachable. We can can seen taking our kids to school or drinking coffee at the locals coffee shop. Contact us anytime to meet Aaron or Paul for coffee or Lunch (on us), we may have a few stories that will entertain and enlighten you.

Meet the Team

Meet two of the senior Members of Acquire Estate Agents. Between them they have over 40 years Experience, specially in Battersea, Clapham and Balham.

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