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We're Investing and Building our own Hotel

As a leading rental and management company in London, we are investing in and building our own hotels, that we will operate and manage 24/7. The first will be available early 2021 at 29 Nightingale Lane.

Nightingale Suites by Acquire Estate Agents

We are very excited to share our latest and most innovative investment for 2021. This will be a 6 apartment hotel, with a 2000sqft entertaining space and an enviable private garden.

Each apartment will be a fully contained flat, with it's own bathroom, private kitchen, living room, bedroom and plenty of storage. All can accommodate a family of 4 or 5, or perhaps 2 couples. The hotel will also have a 5 space private off street parking as well as a fully operational gym, guest lounge/bar and dinning room.

Nightingale Suites will be operated and fully managed 24/7 by Acquire Estate Agents.


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